Best Cheap Wired Headsets in 2020 – Buying Guide and Reviews

When it comes to buying a good wired headset there are two kinds of people. One kind searches and searches through and finds themselves the best cheap wired headset and the other ones break their bank for easing up their ears. It is easier than you thought it would be to spend a hundred or a thousand dollars in order to find a new pair of the headset which are good for gaming as well as serves other purposes. We ran thorough research in assessing the hits and failures while testing the bass of these headsets. And ultimately reach the conclusion that these headsets are appropriate in terms of style, performance, and budget.

A lousy headset won’t take you anywhere while gaming. And a serious gamer would tell you the importance of a headset. Sure you can go with a Bluetooth headset but that needs to be high quality, which in turn would hike up the price of the headset. And if we had a budget like that, your search wouldn’t have mentioned “cheap” in it. But a wired headset is better in many ways, you can plug it in your laptop, your pc which doesn’t support Bluetooth and your phone, regardless if you want to plug it in a 20 dollars calling cell phone from the 90’s.

Considering your budget of a noob and wish of a star, we present you 7 best-wired headsets to take you through your small wallet big appetite situation.

Best Cheap Wired Headsets 

1- RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset 

RUNMUS K2 gaming headset conveys 7.1 encompass sound to improve vivid gaming exposure. They come with high responsive sound drivers that help you be smarter to comprehend the direction of the sound as similar to the gunfire and scenario indicators. Let you gain the most from it to take your gaming skills and experience to a higher level. Filtering most encompassing commotions, this Xbox one headset gives high quality of noise cancellation to empower you to discuss with your mates with clarity. In the event that you wanna make the most of your important personal time without speaking with different players turn off the mic only by the flip of the switch.

Key Features:

  • Speaker size: 50mm
  • Amplifier Impedance: 2k ohms
  • Impedance: 20 ohms give or take 15%
  • Directionality: omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity: 119 give or take 3dB
  • Recurrence range: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Headset jack: USB 3.5mm


  • The intriguing LED light makes this gaming headset look cool and boosts gaming experience.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: This gaming headset has a 3.5mm sound jack and is perfect with PC, PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS.
  • Unparalleled Sound quality RUNMUS gaming headset furnished with a premium 50mm neodymium driver that gives the feel of virtual reality.
  • Utilizing delicate ear cushions and retractable headband, this Xbox one headset gives clients the most comfortable headset experience.
  • Lightweight
  • A noise-canceling headset that filters out ambient noises for better communication.


  • Material is not up to mark hence easily gets damaged
  • USB adaptor not good
  • Sound Frequency muffle.
  • Expensive and not as of high value to the cost.

2- Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset for PC


These headphones from jeecoo are multifunctional and convenient in nature. Supported with noise-canceling mic and optimized sound the headsets have steady construction to support hard and proficient gaming. It is accustomed to RGB Lightning for an awesome gaming experience. Adjustable metal headband, flexible microphone, thick memory foam cushion pads, big & soft earmuff, tangle-free cord & decent package. Exclusively made for pro gamers, you can enjoy a long & comfortable gaming session.

Key Features:

  • 1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • 50mm speaker unit neodymium magnets, built-in USB audio sound card.
  • Compatible to most of the devices
  • Audio Control Center
  • Plug and play headset.
  • RGB Lighting


Multifunctional Controller

This in-line controller unit is included the USB sound card, and you easily use it for:

  • Turn-ON/OFF the Mic
  • Turn-ON/OFF the RGB lighting
  • Adjust Mic volume
  • Adjust sound volume
  • Attached to your T-shirt by the clip on the back


  • The biggest drawback is that it is not compatible with Xbox devices.
  • The 7.1 virtual sound support software is not preloaded hence you need to check manually to load the software
  • MIC material and cushions are not up to the standard.
  • Constant sound dropouts that are instant little sound glitches. This did not happen with other headsets.

3- HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset


HyperX Cloud II is Hi-Fi capable, with 53mm drivers for superior audio performance and rich sound quality with crystal-clear low, mid and high tones and enhanced bass via the sound card.  HyperX Cloud II has a digitally enhanced, noise-canceling microphone with automatic gain control functionality and echo cancellation enabled through the USB sound card. The result is clearer voice quality and reduced background noise.HyperX™ Cloud II features a redesigned USB sound card audio control box that amplifies audio and voice for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience, so you can hear what you’ve been missing

Key Features:

  • Newly designed full USB audio control box
  • The premium sound card enables superior audio
  • 1 Virtual surround sound control
  • Independent headset and microphone volume control
  • Microphone slide mute
  • Backlit LED
  • Frequency response: 15Hz–25,000 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 60 Ω per system
  • Ambient noise attenuation: approx. 20 dB


  • High comfort and optimized gaming experience
  • Supreme audio quality with large 53-millimeter drivers and 7.1 virtual surround sound provide high-quality audio.
  • Digitally enhanced detachable noise-canceling microphones and echo canceling enabled through USB sound card.
  • Highly durable design
  • Highly compatible and works well on every platform without any system spyware or support system.
  • Highest selling gaming headphones in the US.


  • Ear cushions are of poor quality
  • Microphone wiring is poorly done
  • Connectivity issues

4- Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset


The ultra-light Razer Kraken X is a multi-stage gaming headset with prevalent solace, Extended sturdiness, and high stability. Tackle positional sound with 7. 1 encompass sound, while the delicate ear pads and customizable permits take gaming to an elite experience. The movable cardioid noise cancellation supports in-game communication while the ultra-lightweight casing, extended headband, and foam earpads give comfort during gaming. This Razer Kraken X Lite gaming headset flaunts 7.1 encompass sound for top-notch sound

Key Features:

  • Vivid, 7.1 Surround positional sound: Outfitted with specially tuned 40 mm drivers
  • The lightest Kraken headset ever at 250 grams, around 40% lighter than others.
  • Drivers 40 mm with Neodymium magnets.
  • USB 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Analog connection 3.5mm
  • The impedance of 32 ohms at 1KHz
  • The sensitivity of 108 DB at 1 kHz
  • movable cardioid noise-cancellation microphone


  • The high-quality audio experience
  • Lightweight for throughout day comfort.
  • Integrated audio controls: cardioid mic diminishes background and surrounding noise for clear communication
  • Multi-platform compatibility as can be paired with PC, Nintendo Switch, PS 4 and Xbox.
  • High durability: The Kraken X outline is adaptable and worked to last, ready to withstand day by day with carefree use.


  • Doesn’t work without installing the recommended spyware.
  • Microphone material of poor quality
  • Not a great value for such a high price.


5- NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset 


NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming headset is a headset with Universal compatibility along with Superior sound quality with excellent sound system and bass upgrades that bring you stunning Audio experience. It is supported with noise-canceling microphones for an awesome gaming experience. A long adaptable mic is structured advantageously to adjust the position of the microphone. Delicate skin ear cushions and flexible planned headband make the earphones agreeable for Longtime wearing.

Key Features:

  • Headphones Frequency Response 20~20000 Hz
  • Headphones Input Impedance 32 ohm
  • Headphones Sensitivity 953dB
  • Microphone Impedance ~2.2K ohm
  • Framework Requirements PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Wii U, and cell phones with single 3. 5mm sound system plug (4 posts).


  • Universal compatibility that supports PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, I-pad, and even cell phones
  • Superior sound quality with smart and extraordinary bass upgrades for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Humanized design with soft skin leather earpads for supreme comfort
  • Adjustable and free volume mute control
  • Noise-canceling headphones with long flexible mic to adjust the position of the microphone.


  • Though cheap and attractive at first sight but highly inefficient as compared to other headsets
  • Microphone material is very delicate.

6- Beexcellent Deep Bass PS4 Headset 


If you are looking for a headset with Incredible audio quality with noise cancellations beexcellent deep bass PS4 headset is the one,  equipped with high accuracy 40mm driver brings sound stun feeling that is 360 all-around system sound. Lightweight and agreeable to wear these bass gaming earphones utilize excessively delicate over-ear cushions increasingly agreeable for long time wear, and it is an incredible PC gaming headset for game players.

Highly convenient to use with a rotational volume controller along key Mic mute feature is increasingly helpful for substantial gamers. The headband is stretchable, so there’s no stress oversize, simply alter the over-ear earphones to the legitimate position you need. Glamming LED’s and highly durable headphones and cord material. This headphone is highly compatible on all platforms with 3.5 mm audio jack supported. What’s good is the warranty of 18 months that makes it a perfect buying for all gaming players.

Key Features:

  • Model: GM-500
  • Driver Diameter: 50mm
  • Impedance: 16 15%ω
  • Sensitivity: 105 3dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz Mic: 6. 0*2. 7mm
  • Mic Sensitivity: – 38 3dB
  • Mic Impedance: 2. 2KΩ
  • Directivity: All Directivity
  • 15M LED Operating Voltage: DC5V 5%
  • Headset Interface: USB+3. 5mm 4Pi


  • Wide compatibility can be connected with PlayStation 4,Nintendo Switch ,Nintendo 3DS,PS4,XBOX One,PC,Smartphone,Tablet or even Laptop.
  • Cool appearance: Glowing LED light around the ear cups and cover designs include features while messing around and the earphone can be a magnificent decision to kids who truly love gaming.
  • Durable link: With solid plaited structure, you will no longer find that the cord breaks and need to enclose the string by tape.
  • Striking sound and noise-canceling: The headset reduces the noise effectively and proficiently and passes on a clear stable message, no static caused.
  • Breathable soundproof ear cushions: The headband and cups all have delicate cushioning and are lightweight, lessening strain to ears for long time use.
  • Simple alteration: oneself – modifying headset consummately coordinates your head and 120 Rotating MIC encourages you to talk all the more helpfully.
  • Overall great value for money.


  • Extra XBOX connector (Not Included) is required when associated with XBOX One/XBOX One S/XBOX One X.
  • The gleaming LED light should be controlled by your framework with the USB connected to the earphone link.
  • On continuous long use, sometimes headphones get overheat.

7- RUNMUS Gaming Headset 


Looking for a headphone for crystal clear communication,  ergonomic headband design, headphone with excellent sound quality and durability that is multiple platforms compatible see for RUNMUS Xbox one gaming headset. This headset is most famous amongst gamers and is a 100% quality product with 12 months warranty.

Key Features:

  • Headphones Driver: 50mm
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32Ohm +/- 15%
  • Sensitivity: 105 +/- 3dB
  • Input Power: 20mW
  • Cable Length: 7.22Ft / 2.2m Approx.
  • Weight: 12Oz
  • LED Working Voltage: DC5V +/- 5%
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -38 +/- 3dB
  • Pick-up Pattern: omnidirectional
  • Headset Jack: USB +/- 3.5mm 4Pin


  • RUNMUS PS4 headset offers an incredible sound for gamers.
  • A retractable headband that provides optimum comfort even on long continuity.
  • Highly compatible
  • Easy turn off mic by flipping a switch
  • Best and quality assured product


  • For Xbox one controller 1537, an adapter for Xbox one controller will be required to use this headset for configuration.
  • If you’re planning on using it for the PC it has a connector cable you have to use, you can’t just plug it directly into your computer.
  • Bulky as compared to other headsets.

Buying Guide-

We do realize that you have been searching like nobody’s business to find a headset that meets all the qualities as well as provides you with the utmost comfort and experience. But before finding a headset you need to get your priorities straight. You might need to be a little understanding and adjustable in order to find the perfect headset that works with all your requirements in your budget. But you also need to keep in mind that you can never compromise with the sound quality or the sensitivity of your headphones as that can ruin your gaming experience. These are the following factors you need to consider while buying a cheap wired headset.

1- Active noise cancellation

It is important for the headset to have a noise-canceling feature. The lesser budget doesn’t have to mean lesser quality. To have a proper gaming experience you need to be immune from the outside Hustle and bustle. That only noise-canceling headphones can provide you. Without an active noise cancellation buying a cheap headset is also an expensive purchase. Active noise cancellation provides the proper zone to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

2- 5 mm jack

It is always safe to go with a 3.5 mm jack. It is the most common one and can fit into any device you want to plug it into. Except for some, it is universally known. In case you have a specific device you want to plug that does not accept 3.5 mm jack, you do not want to gamble on that. Or else you would end up with a cheap headset with a jack nowhere to plug into.

3- Overhead design

When you are buying a gaming headset, it is not necessary for it to be an overhead design but it is highly advisable to get that design. Not to mention it gives an attractive gamer look but it also eases your ears. It is not ergonomic to put a headset inside your ears and play all day long, it is not even comfortable. But when it comes to overhead design, It stays on right there throughout the time and doesn’t even make your ears bleed. It also has cushions around the ear that provide an extra layer of comfort and noise cancellation.

4- Active noise-canceling microphone

Imagine yourself in the middle of a multiplayer game or recording your sound and your parents shouting from behind cursing your computer and phone. That is not the type of vocal you would like others to hear about you. Honestly, it is pretty embarrassing. Want to save the trouble? Just get yourself a noise-canceling microphone. No, we are not saying that it would cancel all the external noise but yes it would get the job done. Sure it’s your Money’s worth.

5- Build quality

You open that perfect box of your headset, put it on your ears, and after a day or two you realize that it’s a flimsy piece of plastic ok that just got broken. And to ace the cherry on top, you don’t even have a warranty for the body. A situation like this makes you think and realize that life would have been much greener if you would have thought to spend one more minute researching or a couple of extra dollars. A broken headphone can ruin all your experience and we do not want to see you sobbing. Keep an extra eye on the bad quality of the headset as that is the one which would go and extra Mile with you. Yes, you can make peace with the faux leather on your headset but not a flimsy piece of plastic.

6- Audio quality

This is one thing you really don’t want to compromise on. It is only smarter to keep an extra look on the broad frequency response and the accurate tuning off the headset. Also, check the frequency range of the headset and the sensitivity of its mic. If you are already at it also look if it is omnidirectional or all directional when it comes to directivity.

7- Cable length.

When you have already made your peace that you do not want a Bluetooth headset and you are fine with the cable one for the sake of budget, you might want to double-check on the cable length. You do not want to stick your head inside your computer while playing games. It should be at least long enough so that you can be comfortable using it.


Q. Where to buy cheap headsets?

A. It is always efficient to buy it on Amazon as it gives the maximum discount and premium quality products. Amazon also provides customer reviews and product quality assurance.

Q. What are good cheap gaming headsets for a laptop?

A. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset is the best one for this instance since it has a 3.5 mm audio jack as well as it is super light and convenient.

Q. What are good cheap gaming headsets?

A. All the above-mentioned headsets are good quality cheap gaming headset very high quality and budget-friendly.


Headsets have a particular life cycle. They are in high demand as well as one of the most essential products in today’s life. We have included our expert tips in order to make your research process much easier while buying a headset. But it is essential to mention that you might not get the best quality which you may get spending a little but yes these headphones get the job done quite properly and efficiently. The look of these headsets are very stylish and can be easily confused for an expensive purchase. All the products are tried and tested but it all comes down to you while you choose the one which is the perfect fit for you.

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