Corsair is a brand that develops and manufactures equipment and gears for gamers or other people who have the need to work on computers, mobiles, and tablets. It is a leading brand with a high-performance rate among various arenas of gaming and working. Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset provides the users with the best and updated models to keep their pace with society. It provides gaming equipment, streaming equipment, Smart ambient lighting, etc. the brand comes up with its innovations constantly with the groundbreaking performance of the device or equipment.


Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset was built for the comfort of the user with plush memory foam and comfortable adjustable earcups. These exceptionally great comfortable headsets have the perfect sound quality with a detachable microphone, and the greatest advantage of using this headphone is that it has a battery life of 16 hours which means that it can be used without any trouble for long hours of gaming. The headphones being made with metal ensure the durability of the headphones to last long. The Virtual 7.1 Surround sound system in the headphones puts the individual in an immersive audio experience on their PC or other devices.

The detachable microphone that comes with the headset comes of a superior quality which can be used anyway as per the need of the customer, and it provides crystal clear voice quality. The headphones can be used with PlayStation 4 as well, all that has to be done is to connect the headsets to the PlayStation 4 and you are ready to go. The headphones have controls on the ear itself, which enhances the user’s task of adjusting any controls. What usually comes in the box? The box of the headphone contains the main device that is Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset, the detachable microphone, USB dongle, Micro-USB Charging Cable, and the manuals.


The headphones come in its box, which shows the picture of the headphones and also shows some features that are which devices are supported by the headphone. The devices that are supported by the headphones are PlayStation 4, Corsairs iCUE Software, and the wireless 7.1 surround sound.  The slogan of the headphones is “Never Miss a Beat”. The headphones come in a very simple, sleek, clean, and aesthetic look. Because of it looks like people might think that it has an open back, but it is not true it is a grill covering the backside of the earcup. On the earcups, there is a volume wheel, mute microphone button, a port to connect the micro-USB, and an LED light that represents the battery status of the headphone. On the other side of the earcup, that is on the outside there is a power button to shut it down. The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headphones driver is 50mm, and the headphones frequency response is 20Hz- 20kHz.


A). Software: The corsair software makes it completely simple and easy for the user to download, install and update the drivers. The users just have to download the iCUE software and connect their HS70 pro wireless to their devices and then start working on it. In case, if the user does not know how to do this process, then let me help you with it, the first thing that the user has to do is open the Corsair web page and download the iCUE software from there, then it would mean that the download is complete and it just has to be installed into their device and open the software once the installation is complete, the user has to open the software. Once the software is opened, the window that opens would show the “Home” section, in this section, it would show the devices that are connected to one’s PC. Now the user has to find the HS70 Pro wireless and click on the tab. The user can make sure whether the HS70 Pro wireless is up to date by going in the “Settings” tab of the window. It is better to place the battery status on the dashboard to be able to see it quickly.

B). Comfort & Style: The headset does not come in any different or flashy styles, it looks quite similar to the HS60, with just some minor changes like the white stitching pattern on the headband, but looks mostly the same as the previous variant of the headphones. The headband is made of metal, with a perfectly padded headband that does not make the user feel tight on the head. The Earcups held by the metal hinges are large in size and fit around the ear. But the headband of the headphones does not have a wide-angle motion. But on the positive side, the headphones are very comfortable and can be worn for long hours without any sensation or trouble of pain or soreness to the ear.

C). Controls: Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset has good ease to use, with the volume control, microphone control of mute and unmuting options, but it does not have the call/music control, noise cancellation control, or any other additional controls. Gamers usually do not require the call and music button, as all that is necessary is the volume wheel and the mic muting option, but there is no LED to indicate that the mic is turned off. The controls in the headphones are quite easy and simple to use.

D). Build Quality: The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset has very well built with a sturdy and durable design with thickly padded earcups. The earcups are grilled from the outside making it look like it is an open back, but it is just the design of the headphones. The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headphones are very durable in nature.

E). Stability: The HS70 wireless is tight just as much is needed that is based on the fitting to the ear so that it does not fall off. The user can do light activity, and it would be stable on the head. And since the headphones are not wired, the trouble of the cable getting stuck anywhere would not occur. And because it is not a sports-oriented headphone it cannot be used for heavy workouts or movements, which can make it slip off from the head, but it is a perfect headphone for Gaming usage.

F). Sound: The delivery of the headphone’s base range is consistent. The headphones have a very great bass frequency, that is the Low-frequency extension is at 14Hz, which is perfect. The low bass in the headphone follows a neutral target, this low bass is responsible for the thumping and rumbling audio. The Mid-bass is less than 3dB, which is good as well. Whereas the high bass which is responsible for the warmth is about 2dB.

G). Battery: The battery in this headphone is the rechargeable type, with continuous usage of around 16 hours, this time period is perfect for long gaming sessions. It takes about 1,7 hours to charge the headphones. The headphones can also be used while charging. The headphones cannot be used without their USB dongle. The headphones would turn off automatically after some time of no active use, this setting can be modified in the app, to save up the battery of the headphones when not in use.

H). Non-Bluetooth Wireless: The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset is not a Bluetooth connection wireless headphone. The headphones work on the basis of the USB dongle which gives access to good range and limited latency.



  1. The headphones have a great audio reproduction
  2. Quite comfortable based on the user and durable build which lasts longer.
  3. It has a very deep and powerful bass, based on the low bass, mid-bass, and high bass.
  4. Quite useful in the office as it can be connected to the PC and used comfortably as long as wanted, and since it has a great battery life it could last a whole day in the office.
  5. It is the best for wireless gaming and the microphone works decently as well which means it would not be difficult for the other players to hear and understand the user clearly while gaming.
  6. The headphones can be used comfortably while charging as well.
  7. Can be used for phone calls.


  1. It has a very bad Noise isolation system.
  2. The headphones cannot be worked without the USB dongle.
  3. The mid-bass in the headphones can be a little recessed but is not that noticeable.
  4. It is not recommended for traveling purposes as it is not convenient to carry around.
  5. It cannot be used for sports, but if the user still wants to use the headphones for working out it can be used for a home workout where the computer is placed close while working out.
  6. During phone calls, if the user wants to himself or herself, it can not be done.
  7. The closed earcups covering the ear completely does not leave any space for the air to pass in most user’s case.
  8. Gaming headsets are not mostly portable in nature because of their bulky and huge size. The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headphones do not have the compact folding technique in them so it can be a little troublesome to carry around.


A). Corsair HS60: The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headset is just a variant of Corsair HS60 with just some more modified features. Both the headphones have a similar durability design, but HS70 is better based on its audio reproduction. The difference is based on the connectivity that is HS60 can be plugged into any device because it is a wired headphone whereas HS70 uses a USB Dongle to connect to the device.

B). SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless: Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset would be a better option than SteelSeries Arctis 1 for gaming, because of their more comfortable setup comparatively better than the SteelSeries Arctis 1. The SteelSeries Artis 1 has a low latency compared to Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headphones.

C). Corsair VOID ELITE: The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset is better than Corsair VOID ELITE, in most of the user experience. Because of the Wireless connectivity in HS70, and more comfortable has low latency audio. Even though VOID ELITE has a wired connection which is reduced but the control scheme on Void is quite comprehensive.

D). Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset: Both the headset is Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset and Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headset is very good gaming headsets, where Logitech is more customizable and compatible, but Corsair has more neutral sound settings for people who like to module their sounds for their own accord.

Even though these varied comparisons between two headsets the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headsets have a great sound and build quality, at a very affordable price for gamers. Unfortunately, the only setback could be that it can not be used on Xbox as it does not support it.


    • Are the Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headset Good? The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headset is a well-built good headset that has great sound quality. With the best-padded earcups and headband, for the comfort of the user. It is a different or better version of HS60, as they both have a little better setting.
    • Does Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset have noise-canceling? The microphone is a noise-canceling microphone, that is it reduces the amount of background noise for clarity in the voice of the speaker.
    • Does the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset have Bluetooth? The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset does not have Bluetooth connectivity, as it works on a USB dongle. It cannot work without the USB dongle.
    • Can you use the Corsair HS70 Pro wired? The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless is a gaming headset that works on USB Dongle connectivity. But if one is using Corsair HS70 Bluetooth then it has the wired connection connectivity section in it.
    • Is Corsair a good brand for headsets? Corsair works on creating various gaming devices and equipment and brings in a variety of innovative products for the gamer’s convenience. As a gamer, it would make better sense if one buys products from Corsair as it makes great products.
    • Is Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset open back? The reason for this question is because of the grilled back of the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless, so the answer to the question is a no, the headset does not have an open back its’ just the innovative structure of using a grilled back, the earcups are completely covered.
    • Does Corsair HS70 Pro wireless work with PlayStation 4? Yes, Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset can be used in PlayStation 4 but only in the Stereo Mode. The surround sound section for the PlayStation can only be enabled through the iCUE Software which is only a PC-only setup.
    • Is Corsair HS70 Pro RGB? Yes, the Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless gaming headset has a 7.1 surround sound setup, with 50mm drivers, and has a carbon & ST 100 RGB Premium headset stand.
    • Does Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless work with PlayStation 5? Yes, it does work with PlayStation 5, because the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless gaming headsets support 7.1 surround sound in supported devices such as PC, PS 4, and PS 5.
    • Can Corsair HS70 Pro wireless gaming headset work with a Phone? The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless gaming headset can be used on the phone only if the phone has OTG in its supported devices can work ok on the Phone.
    • How to connect Corsair HS70 Pro wireless gaming headset? The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset has a completely wireless setup that works on the USB dongle that plugs into the user’s computer or the PlayStation 4. The player can plug the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless on their mobile phones if they want to listen to music.
    • Can I use Corsair HS70 Pro while Charging? Yes, the user can use their Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset while it is charging, they can use it continuously by just plugging the USB into the port and let it charge side by side.
    • Why is the Corsair HS70 Pro wireless microphone not working? The solutions could be as follows: 1. The user has to make sure that the headphones connected to the USB dongle are not loose. 2. Try reconnecting the headphones to the device and fix the problem. This might help solve the trouble.
    • Why is my Corsair headset not working? Try troubleshooting the sound problems and if this does not work then the user should try uninstalling the software and reinstall the software and update the audio device drivers. And also restart their devices to be sure. This should help solve the trouble faced by the user.
    • How does one connect their Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset to their Xbox? To do this the user firstly has to go to the settings and select devices, then in the devices select the Audio devices. For the input and output devices, the user will have to select the Wired Headset. Then the user has to go to the audio devices and select the output to the headphones. And then the user has to make sure that the options are set to “All audio”.


The Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset is a very stylish and simple-looking, impressive model of headsets which has many great features. With the best audio quality and long-lasting battery life. The microphone is also comparatively working well. It is comfy and versat8le in use. Since technology has been advancing in every sector, so is the betterment of headphones through the making of Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headset. So, the bottom line is that Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset is a strong headset and sets an example of how a headset should be. If a gamer, is looking for good headsets go give Corsair HS70 Pro wireless headset a try as the new headphones.

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