How to Make Your Wired Gaming Headsets Wireless? 

The comforts of using a wireless headset for gaming are not unknown to us. From having an enriching gaming audio experience to feeling comfortable and avoiding the tangles of messy wires, the benefits of a wireless gaming headset are manifold. 

Switching from a wired gaming headset to a wireless one is the best thing that you can do to improve your end result in the game you are playing. Short of budget? Don’t want to spare a fortune on a separate wireless gaming headset? Well, don’t worry! Here we will tell you the amazing steps and answer your question as to how to make your wired gaming headsets wireless. 

So, let’s delve deep into this ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Technique!

How to Make Your Wired Gaming Headsets Wireless? 

All of us have some pair of headsets lying around in one corner of our home. If you are an ardent gamer, you will probably have at least one wired gaming headset in your home. You can make full utilization of this item that was otherwise gathering dust. You just have to spend some little amount, say $3 to $30 to convert a wired gaming headset to a wireless one. 

Since the most commonly used wireless media is Bluetooth, it is better to make the headset compatible with Bluetooth Technology so that it can be easily paired and used wirelessly. 

So, do you need to buy anything? Yes, just spend bucks on a Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver. And, you will be done!

Method 1: Using Bluetooth Transmitter- The Standard Process 

You will notice that there are some transmitters that come with a 3.5 mm jack implying that you have to insert this transmitter into your headphones. Situations may arise when your headphones don’t let you cut the cable. In such circumstances, you have to invest in a transmitter so that it plugs comfortably in your existing piece of a wired headset. 

You can explore the various transmitters available in the market. But here is a suggestion from our side! Go for the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver as it works well with any kind of wired headset. 

Now, we need to focus on pairing the headset with your PC/Laptop. The transmitters come from varied brands and manufacturers. So, there will be a slight variation in the method of pairing. It is advisable that you go through the instruction manual of the transmitter that you have purchased. 

Let’s see what are the basic steps of going about it. Firstly, plug your wired headsets into the transmitter while switching ‘on’ the Bluetooth transmitter. Now, open the device with which you want to pair the headphone. It can be a laptop, PC or smartphone. Go to the Bluetooth Menu of your gaming laptop or PC and select the option of the ‘Bluetooth Transmitter’ from among the varied options available in that particular menu. The name of the transmitter you are using will be displayed under the section of ‘Bluetooth Transmitter’. Click on that. Once the pairing is done, you are good to go. Use your wireless headset now and enjoy the comfort of playing games without entrapping yourself in ugly wires. 

Method 2: Using BTunes from Voxoa 

This product from Voxoa with Bluetooth Technology 4.0 works up to 10 meters and comes with a good battery that can work for 300 hours of standby with a 10-hour duration of listening at a moderate volume. It is a small unit with a sleek design and comes with a USB port for charging purposes. 

The process of making your wired gaming headsets wireless is pretty easy. Just switch on the Voxoa product and pair it with your device (laptop or desktop) and enjoy good quality sound from your wired headset that has now been converted to wireless. You can also insert its chip into your wired headset and continue enjoying the music of superb quality. With this product from Voxoa, the task of conversion from wired to wireless can now be done in a jiffy. 

Method 3: Using ZEB-BE380 Bluetooth Module 

This Bluetooth module from Zebronics has a small frame weighing 20 g and instills the element of Bluetooth functionality in a wired headset. Take your wired gaming headset and insert it into the module by means of the 3.5 mm lead. 

Now, wear the gaming headset and keep the Bluetooth module somewhere attached to your outfit. The headset will be connected via Bluetooth and you can put all your concentration into winning the game. Sit freely and comfortably and have fun playing the game. 

The Bluetooth module comes with a USB port so that you can charge it when it is not being used. Recharge the module so that you can use it later when you completely immerse in the world of action, graphics, race, and combat. 

Method 4: Using Scissor, Adhesive Tape, Power Bank, and Bluetooth Receiver 

To make your wired headset wireless by this method, you need to buy a Bluetooth receiver that will cost you $3 and a power bank or any other power source. Firstly, tie the wire of the headset together. Take a power bank or any other power source and attach it with your headset by using adhesive. Now use a tape and wrap it with the headset to palace the power bank securely in place. 

Now, take the Bluetooth receiver and plug it into the USB port of the power bank. Once you are done with it, plug the audio jack into the Bluetooth receiver. You will notice that it has got activated. 

The next step is to pair the Bluetooth receiver with your PC or laptop. Go to the Bluetooth section and you will find the device name being displayed under the heading of ‘Available Devices’. Once the pairing is done, click on the game you wish to play and have fun. 


That was all about converting a wired gaming headset into a wireless one! You may choose any method that you find convenient out of the 4 techniques mentioned above. Save your bucks and head for this easy method to enjoy the same great experience as you would have in any headsets that are wireless by default. 

Ready to spruce up your gaming experience? Make the arrangements and start the process of making your headset wireless and have incessant fun enjoying the game. 

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