LOGITECH G PRO GAMING HEADSET. Gamers are people who play games such as videos games for long hours on discord with other players or friends. For this, the gamers usually equip themselves with the best gaming devices to have the best gameplay with others. The need for the best game equipment is to use the best products for the games, based on the individuals’ requirements. Gaming devices enhance the gamers experience when playing, and it also plays a major part in the performance of the gamer.

It provides the gamers the ability to respond quickly to other players in play. The main functions of the types of equipment differ based on the equipment, so if a player uses a gaming mouse it would provide better access and durability during the game, or if he or she uses a Higher speed RAM then they would get a fast-performing game. Such equipment contributes to the best gameplay for the gamer. The equipment’s that are required for gamers are as follows:

  1. GPU – Graphic Card
  2. CPU – Processor
  3. Motherboard
  4. Keyboard & Mouse
  5. Hard disk
  6. RAM sticks
  7. Monitor
  8. Headphones
  9. Power Supply unit
  10. Coolers

Logitech company is focused on the production of various computer-based devices. It is a Swiss company which innovates quality products to give the best experience to the people who use the products. The various computing devices that were first introduced included Cordless mouses, laser mouse, etc. The products by the company have evolved through the years based on the needs of the customers, always modifying every product to be a part of the digital world. The brands by Logitech are Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, Jaybird, Streamlabs, Ultimate Ears, and Blue Microphones. The product that we are going to review today is by the brand of Logitech G, and it is “Logitech G Pro”. 


Logitech G Pro gaming headset is a gaming headset made just casual, with no over-the-top designs but focusing more on the functioning and working of the headset. Where every other headset focuses on making the headsets look better than the experience, the Logitech G Pro gaming headset is a Pro in performance as well, with a simplistic design, with the leather and polished work, then most other headsets. The design is constructed to make the gamer feel comfortable during long hours of gaming. With great connectivity with computers as well as mobile phones. The headset is an over-the-ear model, for the comfort and need of the gamer. It is a wired headset. With a mic to it which can be detached from it if it is not necessary.


The headphones might not showcase many features from the outside, but it has many features which work through the inside of the device. This headphone could replace highly valuable headphones because of its various features, even though they do not have the Blue Voice technology as the higher model of Logitech. The software of the headset provides features that can remove unwanted sounds or frequency that might cause trouble or distraction to the gamer while playing for long hours.

  1. Style: The headset is made with heavily padded work for the comfort of the user and has a frame made of metal that holds the cups. It was built to last for longer than other headphones, because of its aluminum Connecter to hold the ear cups. The cups of the headset are big in size and do not cause pain because of the soft padded structure. The headset has the section or the socket in it to plug in a microphone, if necessary, it can be detached by the user as per their liking. It comes in Black color and no other. The detachable mic can be positioned based on the gamer’s requirements.
  2. Comfort: The headsets padded area consists of two layers: one which is made up of cloth and the other that has leather to give it a finishing touch. It is a smooth product that does not cause trouble to the skin or the ear of the gamer. The padded ear cup is made up of Faux leather. It might not be the size for everyone as some of the gamers might find it a little tight on the head. The padded area of the headset maintains the weight of the headphones so it makes the gamer feel that the headset is light. If the gamer uses the headset for about more than 6-7 hours the headphones might feel heavy on the head. Even though the headphones look as if they are heavy, but because of the maintained weight they are light on the head.
  3. Controls: Headphone does not have OS-specific compatibility in it. There are options for Call, music, and volume control on the product. It also has mute and unmutes control in it making it easier for the gamer to do it through the headsets themselves. But the setbacks of the headsets would be that it does not have the channel mixing, Noise cancellation, Talk through, and additional controls in it. These controls showcase that it has a decent number of controls provided in it. The normal cable in the headset can be used as a multi-task switch on a mobile phone as it gives access to pause and play the music when the user wants to.
  4. Performance: The sound performance of the gaming headset can be said to be excellent, and can also give competition to its higher model. It works very well in different game setups without much trouble. Clear and precise in nature. In games, such as where environmental sounds are concerned the headset worked fantastically by giving a punching sound to the required objects in the game. Its excellent performance can be known through the most inadequate sound also being heard clearly and the sound can be understood from where it is being set in the game. It gives the gamer a filtered background noise, with a precise quality to it. the headsets are so good that the gamer could stream as well.
  5. Stability: The headset is quite comfortable and stable when placed on the head. But the headsets could fall off if there are heavy head shakes while playing the game. The headset cables or wires can also be the cause for the instability while playing as it might get pulled off while playing the game. But this can be one of the least possible situations, as the headsets come in perfect head fitting which would not let the headsets from falling off.
  6. Bass Accuracy: The Logitech G Pro gaming headset has a very good bass accuracy in it, as it plays fairly well or even on a neutral bass, which is the accurate amount of sound range and frequency required based on the usage of the headphones. The experience of the user can vary based on how the headphones have been placed on the ear, as based on the placing the bass delivery would vary immensely. So, it is necessary that the user places the headsets accordingly.
  7. Portability: It is not a product that is portable friendly as it does not have a compact folding set up in it. But the customer could get the Pouch for the headsets. The Pouch for the Logitech G Pro gaming headset is available sometimes with the box in which it is received. This pouch would be helpful to use when the player is traveling as it would keep the headphones safe.
  8. Stereo Imaging Performance: It has an impressive performance; it provides a tight bass and transparent treble in the headphones. It has a very well-matched amplitude Frequency and response to the objects in the gameplay, such as the minute footsteps as to where they are sounding from it can all be accurately acquired the stereo image performance.


Every product has its pros and cons, no matter how many modifications are done. Every product that is launched could be called the modification of the previous product. The Pros and Cons of the headset based on the usage of the individual are as follows:


Neutral Sound

1.     It is a decent set of headphones for the neutral sound effects during gameplay.

2.     It has a well-balanced setup over the ear, which makes it comfortable for the user.

3.     The software provides the gamer with a wide range of configuration options through the companion software.


Commute or Travel

1.     It has a very perfect design and comfortable form to it.

2.     The cable or the connector of the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones has the feature that is it can connect to a mobile phone as well.

3.     The user can control it’s the volume through the remote or the controller in the cable of the headphones itself.

Sports Use









Office Use

1.     The Logitech G Pro gaming headphones can be used for Office purposes.

2.     The audio leakage from the device is lower.

3.     The wired connection of the headphones means that the device does not have to be charged


Wired & Wireless Gaming

1.     Wired gaming helps in long sessions of gaming.

2.     It is best in terms of setting the Logitech G HUB Software for the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones, as it provides various customization techniques.


Phone calls Usage

1.     The Logitech G Pro gaming headphone is a really good choice for phone calls.

2.     It has a detachable mic, to provide clarity to the gamer’s voice.



1.     It does not give overwhelming sound effects to the objects in the gameplay.

2.     The experience of the gamer would vary based on the over-ear set up of the headphones.

3.     The headphone sometimes faces an inconsistent form of delivery in the sound or the audio.


1.     The structure of the headphones could be called huge in size though the weight of the product might not be felt.

2.     The product is hard to carry around because of its huge size.

3.     It also does not have any compact folding structure in it.

4.     It does not provide wireless connectivity.


1.     The Logitech G Pro gaming headphones are not recommended to people who like to exercise or sport wearing these headphones, as the cable would be too long and could get stuck at anything and come off, or pull out the headphones from the head of the user.



1.     It does not allow noise isolation in the device.

2.     It restricts the movement of the person using the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones.






1.     It does come in wireless form.








1.     But it can cause difficulty to hear clearly when a call is going, that is, the player might find it difficult to hear the opposite party because it does not have voice isolation.

Some other trouble that the users found was that when the headphones were on a high volume it used to give the users the noise as if the ears would start to bleed. But this also helps the player when on a multi-player mode where he has to speak to game mates and speak to them without getting disturbed.  But even though the device does not have the Blue Voice Technology in it, it still gives out an excellent performance, by filtering the background noises, and clarity in the voice of the player when speaking.


  1. Are the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones good? These are wired-only headphones, which means that they can only be used when playing a wired game. It gives the player the best experience. And can sometimes make the user sweat after wearing it for long hours of gaming.
  2. Does Logitech G Pro gaming headset have software? If the gamer connects the Logitech G Pro gaming headset to the Logitech G Hub Gaming Software, then the player could take his gaming sound settings to a whole different level, with a high-quality gaming experience. This software would provide the Headphones with advanced settings for the game.
  3. How long does the Logitech G Pro gaming headset last? There is no issue of it lasting as it is a piece of wired equipment, which does not require to be charged. It can be used for hours straight away without any disturbance; the only difference would come based on the usage of how the headphones if used by the gamer.
  4. Why does the mic not work with the Logitech G Pro? This trouble could occur when the auto driver of the gamer’s device has gone outdated or is faulty. To keep Logitech G Pro gaming headset going smoothly then the gamer has to keep his or her auto driver up to date so he or she might have to install the latest driver for the same.
  5. Does the Logitech G Pro gaming headset have a 7.1 surround sound? It does not have a 7.1 Channel USB sound cord so it does not a surround sound. Whereas the G433 version of the Logitech G Pro gaming headset does have a surround sound feature in it.
  6. What does the G button on the Logitech G Pro gaming headset do? The G button on the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset is to equalize, surround sound, sidetone, and microphone levels as per the game in play. The G button can be used to “Pause and Play” or to “Start and Stop” etc.
  7. Why is the mic not working on the Logitech G Pro? The reasons behind the inability or the not working situation could be because of the portal of connection being damaged or a trouble with the computer, the trouble could range with any.
  8. What is the difference between the G Pro and the edition of Oculus Quest 2? The difference is that the Oculus G Pro Headset is a certified headset that works on oculus with a short wire of connectivity.
  9. What is the difference between Logitech G Pro and Logitech G Pro X? The difference is that the Logitech G Pro gaming headset X comes with Voice software that is Blue Voice Technology which can be used by the player on the computer.
  10. Does the headset work on the iPad? Yes, it does work on an iPad as well. Because of its wired connection, it can be connected to any portal and used by the customer.
  11. What are the products that usually come in the box of the Headphones? The packed box of the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones contains the main headphones, detachable boom microphone, Cloth pads, audio cable, audio cable for mobile, carrying pouch PC-Y splitter, and the manual, describing the usage and features of the device.


So, the bottom line of the bottom-line review is that even with its setbacks the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones can be called the best gaming headphone, irrespective of the other aspects of using a headphone. It provides the gamers with the best gaming experience, various forms of customization being possible, the sound quality being able to be set based on the choice of the individual, etc. The product Logitech G Pro gaming headset was released in April 2018, for the prize of $ 89.99 in stores, and is still in use even though the different inventions lately. If the gamer wants something better than the Logitech G Pro gaming headset then, it is suggested that he or she could opt for the Logitech G Pro gaming headset X which has the Blue Voice Technology which enhances the microphone quality and performance. This serves as the best headsets for pro gamers and normal gamers alike.

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