Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Gaming Headset – Reviews and Guide

If you always have focused on style and want an original and unique model, the headphones we recommend are the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450. The pavilions of these headphones are soft and able to reproduce a faithful and realistic sound. With 53mm drivers and a 3D Wing system, choosing them will finally improve your gaming experience.

This model also features a powerful microphone capable of faithfully picking up your voice. Also, by pressing the switch, you can mute it or cover it with the wind or noise protection to focus on your view. Made of durable, quality materials, these headphones are even perfect as gifts for those who enjoy playing games on their PC or console for a long time.

If you want to buy a good gaming headset on a budget, there are some exciting options on the market right now.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450


  • Bluetooth headphones (wireless);
  • Headphones with a USB cable
  • Headphones with 3.5 ′′ jack output
  • Although very often, a single model can combine one or more different types of connections.
  • Headphones with a USB cable
  • Gaming headphones with a USB cable are the most widely used by gamers.
  • They are simple to use, they connect directly to the source, and that’s it.
  • We will never have to worry about putting them to reload

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Key specifications in detail

1. Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth gaming headphones are perfect for those who want maximum comfort and freedom of movement during their gaming sessions.

A good Bluetooth headset has no defects other than having to remember to recharge it and be willing to spend a few more bucks than one with a USB cable.

Very often these headphones have an additional 3.5 jack output that allows us to connect them with the cable also directly to the controller as in the case of the Sony Headset 2.0

Thanks to the jack output, we also can use them with your PC or mobile phone.

The only negative note is always the fact that even if connected to the controller, and not to the console, we will have more limited freedom of movement than with Bluetooth headphones.

2. Design and functionality

In choosing the best gaming headphones that best suit our needs, we will need to consider the desired level of isolation from external sounds.

The headphones can be closed, half-open, or open. Open headphones will have a lower degree of isolation than closed ones; the technical advantage will result in a lower weight than a closed headset and greater comfort even during longer gaming sessions.

However, a subjective advantage is a fact of not being wholly detached from the world around us, a handy thing for those who live or very often find themselves at home alone. However, the best choice changes according to the personal needs that the headset has to satisfy.

3. An element not to be underestimated

The item in question is the weight of the headphones. The heavier the weight and the less comfortable they will be during long gaming sessions, the extra weight on the head could cause us to feel a sore neck by ruining our moments of pure leisure or losing concentration in various competitions.

Difference between stereo headphones and surround headphones

Headphones differ in two broad categories for sound reproduction: stereo and surround.

Stereo headphones are headphones where the audio is reproduced in the left and right pavilion without particular distinctions. In contrast, 5.1 or 7.1 surround headphones allow you to have a more precise and better sound quality in general.

The sound will not merely come from the right or left but will come from much more precise parts that will give us a more excellent feeling of three-dimensionality and immersion.

The surround isn’t everything; many stereo headphones have software that emulates the same effect. In general, it is much better to spend the money on a good stereo headphone than it is to spend it on a mediocre surround headphone.


  1. Headphones with 53 mm drivers.
  2. With a microphone that can be deactivated.
  3. Ergonomic and comfortable design.


  1. The connecting cable cannot be detached.
  2. The microphone is not removable.
  3. The pavilions are circular and not rectangular.

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Our ratings

1. Structure and Setup

As its name proposes, the Ear Force Stealth 450’s no-nonsense structure will mix into your gaming arrangement pretty without any problem. The plastic headset is all-dark, put something aside for a team of red stripes encompassing the ear cups and red Turtle Beach logos inside every ear.

2. Comfort

While the 450 is about indistinguishable in a plan to its Xbox One partner, the Stealth 420X, the two headsets vary in comfort a piece.

3. Gaming Performance

The Stealth 450 offers advanced DTS 7.1-channel encompass sound, and it has a major effect when gaming. In the wake of getting a charge out of rich, vivid sound while punching, swinging, and shooting my way through a bunch of games. For this, we have put together the following buying guide to help you discard the bad apples and direct you to models that will undoubtedly be satisfactory, both for PC gaming and for consoles.

We considered the audio quality, the level of comfort, and the different technical specifications offered by the models in question, always remaining in a price category accessible to all.

Let’s find out which are the best budget gaming headphones, starting from the models with the most advanced technical specifications, up to the entry-level headphones.

Has any of you ever thought: Will a good pair of gaming headphones help me get louder? Which headphones should I get?

I have often found very conflicting opinions regarding the most popular headphones among the various gaming communities. Precisely for this reason, I decided to put my experience and my research to draw up the list of the best gaming headsets for each price range.

In the world of gamers, many accessories can accompany us during our gaming sessions, making them more pleasant or more performing. The essential and mandatory accessory for every player is a good headset that allows us to listen to the sounds correctly and speak clearly with our teammates (communication is especially important when playing seriously).

In this article, we will only examine specific models of gaming headphones that, as we will see later, differ in many details from standard headphones for listening to music. To get a little clearer

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